The Ever-growing DefySwap Announces Yet Another Partnership — This time with DarkKnight Finance

DefySwap / January 15th 2022 //

Over at DefySwap we are working hard to bring about our future visions of a strong and sustainable ecosystem. Introducing partnerships with other high-quality astounding DeFi projects maintains our steady growth rate, expands our resource pool and client-base, and provides a higher quality service to the community. Not to mention the fact that both parties gain a greater level of exposure in the DeFi world — Individually we are one drop… Together, we are the ocean!

As always, we are very excited to expand our flawless track record of successful and rewarding DeFi collaborations. This time, we are partnering with DarkKnight, adding to our ever-expanding list of yield farms, and creating the dKnight-USDC pooled market pair. Of course, the $dKnight token is also now listed on our exchange!

If the name and branding sound slightly familiar, DarkKnight is KnightSwap’s move into the FTM network. KnightSwap is a successful DEX with over $48m TVL on the Binance Smart Chain.

Like our service, DarkKnight is a decentralised exchange that also offers reliable and sustainable yield farming pools. Their mission statement is to provide all users with a high-quality DeFi experience on the Fantom Opera network.

The $dKnight token is DarkKnight’s core utility asset for use within the DarkKnight ecosystem as well as the extended DeFi space. Users can use their $dKnight token to trade, stake, provide liquidity, raid and more! An interesting fact about the token is that it has no max supply, this enables DarkNight to control any heavy price fluctuations and account for farm & pool emissions.

Dark Knight is the preeminent decentralized exchange (DEX) on the Fantom Opera (FTM) network built for reliable & sustainable yields while providing the highest quality Decentralized Finance (DeFi) experience.

Within the ecosystem you can trade, play games, discover NFTs, yield farm, & explore the world of FTM through our strategic partnership tokens.

Being able to trade 2 cryptocurrencies of your choice whenever you want with low fees & safely from other investors via automated liquidity pools…

This is what you can expect at DARK KNIGHT.

They are a decentralized exchange (DEX) so in order to make it appealing for investors to provide liquidity to trade with, whenever you swap (trade) on the exchange, you will pay a 0.2% trading fee.

From that trading fee- 0.17% is returned to liquidity pools as a reward for liquidity providers and 0.03% goes to the DARK KNIGHT Treasury.

Conversely, when you provide liquidity, you will earn that fee.

DefySwap wants to provide the Fantom Community with the fairest, most cost effective DEX on market while simultaneously offering up some of the most advanced trading tools available. This will help to provide users with everything needed, right at their fingertips to ensure they are able to be as informed as possible when trading. Working alongside both our own community and some of the most integrated members of Fantom to ensure we do whatever possible to assist in driving the ecosystem we love so much, onward.

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DEX with Limit Order and CEX-like interface that is seeking to provide the fairest, community driven system. Trade Safe, Trade Secure, Trade Advanced.

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DEX with Limit Order and CEX-like interface that is seeking to provide the fairest, community driven system. Trade Safe, Trade Secure, Trade Advanced.