Major DefySwap Update


Team DEFY always did things which the community requested for. Keeping that tradition alive, we have decided to offer a 50% refund to all the SEED and PRIVATE round buyers of DFY tokens.

Here is the list of all the eligible wallets:

Note: If you have participated in multiple rounds, your contributions have been added together.

How to claim the refund?

Simple. Just open this link:

Connect your Metamask.

Click on ‘Claim Refund’ and approve the Tx.

Date of Refund

Refund will go live on 7th May 2022 and close on 31st May 2022.


1. Only use the wallet which you used while contributing to SEED and/or PRIVATE round. Check which of your wallets are on that list above.

2. Due to security reasons no change of wallet request will be entertained.

3. The refund process will remain open for the whole month of May.

4. If someone doesn’t claim refund within that timeframe, we will assume that s/he wants to remain invested and thus, we will use that fund for further development.

5. Emission for all the claimants SEED and PRIVATE buyers will stop as soon as the Refund page goes live. Those who don’t claim refund can later ask for emission which will be restored when the refund process is over.

6. All the pending tokens for SEED and PRIVATE buyers will go directly to the BURN VAULT.

So what lies in future for DefySwap?

DefySwap has a working UI and an audited code. We have also developed a brilliant NFT Staking mechanism which we haven’t deployed yet due to this Refund issue. A lot of hard work went into it and thus, we are NO WAY going to abandon this project. We are considering multiple opportunities.

1. Reboot the whole system into a new chain where the existing token holders get equal amount of token for free. We are considering a chain where we can be early.

2. We have offer to merge with a popular project on FTM.

3. Revitalize the system on FTM chain itself.

We are weighing every opportunity and will soon announce the next course of action. Whatever we do, existing token holders will be fully taken care of. Again, no matter what we do, we will keep BUIDLing. That interest-free loan system we promised our users is under construction as well. So the future is exciting.



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