Major Change about DEFYSWAP

It has been a long time since the last update. We regret the delay in communication, and the news we bring right now is going to change the direction of DefySwap for the last and final time.


That’s the news in short.

Now let’s run through the DOs and DONTs of the process.

1. You can choose to stay back. We will support Echelon chain till 31st January 2023. After that, well, we can only develop on one chain. The focus will be on Optimism as our primary and only chain.

2. You can move all your holdings freely to Optimism. We will offer a 1:1 swap to Optimism chain DFY token (here-on DFY, unless explicitly stated otherwise). The process would be manual as there is no working bridge.

You can send your Echelon chain DFY to the following page, and receive new DFY token on Optimism shortly.

Swap Page link:

  • Open this page

Important: Make sure the Optimism chain is supported and is configured for the same wallet as WE WILL NOT BE SENDING NEW DFY TOKENS TO ANOTHER ADDRESS, UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES.

You will receive your new tokens on the next day, the latest.

This page will go live on the date 10:00:00 UTC, 9th January, 2023.

3. Listing price on Optimism will match the existing price on Echelon. We will be injecting personal funds to ensure this price doesn’t tank. This price assurance will stay in place till 31st January 2023.

4. Swap will start at the 12:00:00 UTC, 9th January, 2023 to give everybody ample time to swap.

5. Tokenomics including Total Supply, Circulating Supply, Emission rate, Taxes and everything else will remain exactly the same.

6. New farms will start emissions exactly when we stop the emission on the Echelon chain. The date is 12:00:00 UTC, 9th January, 2023.

6. Now, on a sad note, this will be the last ditch effort to save DefySwap. We simply can’t keep on injecting personal funds and work without any reward in return.

7. We waited for a very long period for Echelon team to deliver but we feel its time to move ahead as our members are more valuable to us than any protocol.

8. The original team of DEFY has broken down, as expected from the long work hours and no reward… Two of the original team will deliver the original promise so we request your full cooperation.


* The existing team of DEFY has designed a INU which has a never-seen-before feature and automatic price protection.

In short, if the price sees a sharp decline during a short period (in our language, a DUMP) then the bot will get triggered and automatically buy and burn INU tokens to pump the price.

Interesting, NO?

The same INU will come via a fair launch where for the first hour, only the existing holders of DEFY will be whitelisted to buy, giving you the option to buy at the lowest possible price.

The team will hold no token. 100% will be added to the fair launch.

Anti-bot, anti-snipe, early blocks blacklisting, and many more protections are in place to make it successful.

Let’s begin 2023 on a brilliant note.



DEX with Limit Order and CEX-like interface that is seeking to provide the fairest, community driven system. Trade Safe, Trade Secure, Trade Advanced.

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DEX with Limit Order and CEX-like interface that is seeking to provide the fairest, community driven system. Trade Safe, Trade Secure, Trade Advanced.