DefySwap IDO Details

3 min readDec 4, 2021

Dear DEFY Family!

IDO Date: December 9th — 0230 UTC
Listing Date: December 10th — 1430 UTC
IDO Price: $0.45 (paid in USDC)
Total Allocation Amount: Equivalent of 90k USDC
Farms Live 12hrs after DEX launch

The road to the upcoming launch has been paved by a lot of hard work behind the scenes. As you know by now, the road to launching DefySwap was full of unexpected turns, twists, and surprises — but what better way to start than to be forged in the fire!

Today, your patience is going to be rewarded: this is the announcement you have all been waiting for!

We have made several important arrangements regarding our project and its future and taken action everywhere necessary to protect our community and our vision;

  1. We have completed the Shellboxes audit
  2. Some members of our team have undergone KYC with RugDoc & Jago
  3. Perhaps most importantly, DefySwap’s release has already been extensively tested, thanks to our advisors who have tried out and assessed all of its features!

DefySwap, the Fantom Opera Chain gamechanger, is ready to launch.

As we have been held back, we have decided to host the public of the DFY token ourselves and you can participate in the following ways;

The IDO will take place at
START December 9th at 0230 UTC
CLAIMS of your presale $DFY tokens can be completed 5 minutes after the listing at approximately 1435 UTC

The DEX Launch & $DFY listing will happen not long after the end of the IDO presale phase at
LIVE December 10th at 1430 UTC with farms live 12hrs after

The IDO is being held on a first come, first serve basis and everyone will be able to take part — The limit of the presale is $450 per wallet (1000 $DFY tokens) which works out to an initial launch price of $0.45 USDC.

DefySwap will be available shortly after the presale ends directly through DEX.

Oh, and just so you know — we have conducted the seed and private rounds of our presale behind the scenes and we are proud to say that we have raised nearly half a million dollars! That said, the tokens from these rounds are vested, meaning that everyone who participated will get their first batch after a month — and the full amount that they have purchased will be emitted in daily allotments, over the course of 12 months. Therefore, there is no need to concern yourself with dumping at launch. The DFY token is safe to buy even if you miss the presale altogether!

As you may already imagine, this is not the end of our development. Our upcoming release marks merely the first, raw, functional version of DefySwap, and in due time we are going to add more features. A 0% interest crypto lending platform and some completely reimagined NFT services will be available in the foreseeable future, most likely next year.

Once again, please set your alarms for December 9th at 0230 UTC, when one of the greatest adventures in DeFi begins. We hope to see you on board!

DefySwap Details

DefySwap wants to provide the Fantom Community with the fairest, most cost effective DEX on market while simultaneously offering up some of the most advanced trading tools available. This will help to provide users with everything needed, right at their fingertips to ensure they are able to be as informed as possible when trading. Working alongside both our own community and some of the most integrated members of Fantom to ensure we do whatever possible to assist in driving the ecosystem we love so much, onward.

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DEX with Limit Order and CEX-like interface that is seeking to provide the fairest, community driven system. Trade Safe, Trade Secure, Trade Advanced.