· Due to the absence of a reliable bridge, the swap will be offered manually by the team using a smart contract.

· You need to send your FTM chain DFY to this contract: 0x2BF10E6D2D27169928eF23B9D3F5F6FA34ECA7d1

- Once you have sent it, fill up this form: https://forms.gle/n2UdNepfQeg4dfgdA

- We will start to process the claims on FIFO basis, and 100K DFY will be released every day to users.

- The swap will be closed on 31st May 2022. If anyone misses that, the only option would be to sell $DFY on FTM and buy $DFY on ECH chain.

· Those who are invested in farms etc can remove liquidity, dissolve LP and claim the new tokens. Go to https://ftm.defyswap.finance/ to access FTM chain.

· Emission on FTM chain has been stopped.




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